Our First Mission work  was in 1981 by my brother, Manuel Ramirez.  He oversaw it until his death in July 1995.  Brother Manuel would take up to 3-4 weeks vacation to travel to Honduras to do personal work... Our Missions...        Include establishing Churches of Christ and the purchasing of materials and properties to construct their Church buildings.  We distribute clothing, shoes and food to people of great need.  There have been numerous cases of medical benevolent needs that have been met as well.    Brethren and friends, there is a great need to accomplish God's work in Central America, with your help we can do just that.  Please pray and give that we will have much fruit.   Thank you for your support.   • A Minister •Children ministries •A new Child of God with a Bible •Building funds for Churches of Christ •Food and clothing •Medical needs Sponsor our website. This helps us provide an ad free site. Join the prayer team.
WELCOME - BIENVENIDA David T. Ramirez, Sr. Founder/Director, Central America Missions Preaching in Nicaragua 2005 Congregation in Nicaragua. Nicaragua Congregation 2005 Map on right is of Central America where much of our work is being done. Sponsor a Congregation -David T. Ramirez, Sr. CENTRAL AMERICA MISSIONS Lu Lu Salute one another with a holy kiss.  All the Churches of Christ salute you. Romans 16:16